Sometimes on the IMail platform, the config files get out of sync during install.  The following instructions will help you manually configure mxGuard for use with IMail Server.

Initial configuration:
  1. Launch the mxGuard Admin tool
  2. Select the mail server type 'mail'
  3. Lock the option
  4. Install/enable the mxGuard service.
  5. If the service is running, stop it.
  6. Exit the mxGuard Admin tool.  This app must be closed before you continue!

Now make the following changes to your two config fickle using notepad.exe:
Note: Change path information as required for your installation.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<!--Created using mxGuard Administrator on 4/26/2010 3:24:34 PM UTC-->

<!--Warning: Do not edit this file!-->










<NotifyProgram>C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\IMail\smtp32.exe</NotifyProgram>

<OriginalNotifyProgram>C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\IMail\smtp32.exe</OriginalNotifyProgram>





SendName=C:\Program Files\Ipswitch\IMail\smtp32.exe

Write protect these files to protect from changes.

Now start the mxGuard service:


Now open the IMail smtp configuration and change the delivery application (sendname) to:

  • C:\Program Files\Creative Cloud Solutions\mxGuard for Mail Servers\imailhook.exe

Restart all of the mail services

All should be working as expected now.